2013 Look Back: What will become of Harry Jackson’s art? – Casper Star

Matt Jackson had a dream. He wanted to keep the sculpture of Sacajawea, the abstract depiction of the Marines’ assault on Betio Island and the rest of his father’s work in Wyoming. The late Harry Jackson always thought of the state as home.

That dream looks increasingly fleeting today.

I met Matt Jackson this summer at his father’s Cody studio. It’s an odd place. I remember arriving there and wondering if Star-Tribune photographer Dan Cepeda and I were in the right place. The metal siding, barbed-wire fence and industrial bay doors all said industrial park to me – not home of a world-renowned artist.

But the inside was another world entirely. Eric Wimmer, the curator of the Nicolaysen Art Museum in Casper, later remarked to me that stepping into Harry Jackson’s studio is like stepping into an art history text book. It’s an apt description.

A sculpture of John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn, the

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