6 Movies That Are Better Than ‘The Godfather’

2. The Third Man (1949)

The Third Man, Dir. Carol Reed The Third Man | Source: British Lion Film Corp.

The Third Man, directed by Carol Reed, is a British film noir that has seen its stock among the greats grow over time since it was first released in 1949. The film tells the story of American pulp novelist Holly Martins who travels to Austria after having been promised a job by his old friend Harry Lime. But upon arrival he discovers that Lime is dead and soon finds himself embroiled in a classic noir plot that includes an iconic and breathtaking chase through the sewers of Vienna.

The Third Man is lauded for some of the greatest black-and-white photography ever committed to film while in many ways representing the absolute limits of what expressionistic lighting and camerawork could look like. Featuring wonderful performances by Joseph Cotton

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