A Palestinian Artist and Former Soldier Makes Abstract Paintings with a Gun

Khaled Jarrar during his art performance “I am Good at Shooting, Bad At Painting” with the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, performed near Tucson, Arizona May 12, 2018 (©Bill Hatcher 2018)

TUCSON — On Saturday May 12 a bus departed from MOCA Tucson to a mystery destination in the desert where a performance was going to take place. Artist Khaled Jarrar was to shoot at paint vials to create canvases, but that was all the audience knew as they arrived at the scene. The title of the performance was “I’m Good at Shooting, Bad at Painting.” It perfectly described this piece and perhaps the artist, though I know he is good at making art.

I spoke with Jarrar, whose work I have previously curated, the evening before and asked him to give some background on his piece.

Article source: https://hyperallergic.com/443151/khaled-jarrar-museum-of-contemporary-art-tucson/

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