A simple lesson in ‘vandalism’ – Journal

J. Howard Crooks, the man who taught me how to cover City Hall back in the day, once said, “If you have the trust and respect of the city employees, you can have your way with the city council.” I applied that maxim numerous times over the years.

That can no longer be true, however, since I no longer trust or respect the people who work for the city, and here’s why:

Tiger paws. That’s right, Tiger paws, as in painted on Elm Street, as they have been painted previously on Tiger Alley behind Sterling High School, and Bengal Boulevard in front of Sterling High School.

The SHS Booster Club wants to paint Tiger Paws on Elm Street leading up to and, I presume, past Sterling High. It’s a fund-raiser, and I suppose folks would pay a fee for each paw, and while I don’t know how much the paws would cost, let

Article source: http://www.journal-advocate.com/sterling-columnists/ci_23753297/simple-lesson-vandalism-jeff-rice

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