After 76 years of marriage, this adorable couple still lives like newlyweds

In the age of swiping right for your next date, it can be easy to say romance is dead. Too easy, in fact, as South Korean filmmaker Jin Mo-young’s touching “My Love, Don’t Cross That River teaches us.

After more than seven decades of marriage, husband and wife Jo Byong-man and Kang Gye-yeul seem to live every day as newlyweds. In a quiet village in South Korea’s countryside, Jo and Kang go about their chores — collecting firewood, shoveling snow and fetching water — with childlike affection and vigor, all while wearing matching hanbok robes, the traditional Korean dress. I guarantee even the most jaded among us will crack a grin at some point in the film.

But of course, as the title and opening scene suggest, all things must come to an end. As Jo’s health fades, Kang makes the necessary preparations for his final days. She burns

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