Al Talks Art: What you missed at the Arts Festival

Last month, crowds roared through downtown Salt Lake, leaving three square blocks closed to traffic. They took over the library, the Salt Lake City and County Government building, and anything they could their hands on. Demonstrations were rampant, and a state of normalcy did not return for a full three days.

Regularly, this would sound concerning. But to those familiar with the Utah Arts Festival, it’s all part of the fun. The Utah Arts Festival was held last month, much to the delight of artsy types the state over. This festival is one of my favorite events in the state, as a good chunk of downtown is closed for the sake of art.

I don’t mean to sound too erudite, but there’s something novel in the concept that we as a state surrender our time, our land and (unfortunately) our money to pay tribute to the arts. It’s a celebration

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