Album Review: “Still Life with Roses – Gargoyle Remixes” by The Mark Lanegan Band

In my humble opinion, Mark Lanegan has never made a bad album in his entire life. I wasn’t 100% crazy about the Screaming Trees, but as a solo artist, and in his collaborations with Isobel Campbell, Duke Garwood and other artists, he has yet to make a misstep.

I’ve been going around saying this for years, so in an apparent effort to make a liar out of me, he released “Still Life with Roses – Gargoyle Remixes” today. It takes five songs from his last release, “Gargoyle,” and puts them in the hands of such producers as Andrew Weatherall, Adrian Sherwood and Pye Corner Audio, who give the songs the robot disco treatment that is de rigeur for remix albums.

I have always considered the remix album to be a cash grab, redolent with artistic uselessness. Against all odds, Lanegan has made an enjoyable, listenable, if not entirely essential offering out of

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