Alice Dalton Brown : Realist Paintings At the Johnson Museum

Although the bulk of her artistic career (from 1970 to 2005) has been spent in New York City, there is a persistent focus on the rural and small town architecture of upstate New York in the paintings of Alice Dalton Brown. Barns, houses, and porches are recurring subjects, with increasingly frequent forays into pure landscape. 

Her oil-on-canvas paintings have a characteristic precision of technique and conception and loyalty to a sense of concrete emplacement that is undeniably realistic. At the same time, they have a surreal quality. Her dwellings are exemplars of a cozily vernacular classicism, but they are presented in a manner that seems preternaturally pristine, smooth and—most of all—emptied of not only people but of human furnishings and traces. It is if we are somehow present in a

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