An exhibit by an artist famed for painting live to jazz

In the years after WWII World War II, when American culture was coming into its own, modern jazz, or Bebopbebop, and Abstract Expressionist painting were key areas of avant-garde activity, , related in their use of spontaneous improvisation in pursuit of pure, unmediated expression. Bebop and Abstract abstract Expressionism expressionism are now all grown up — senior citizens, in fact — but there’ s still vitality in each. Al Bright’s long-standing practice of 40 years brings them together, translating the sound and energy of jazz into visual expression.

Bright, who is a retired painting professor at Youngstown State University, is acclaimed for his paintings done to live jazz, including performances by such greats as Art Blakey and Wynton Marsalis. Al Bright: Abstract Jazz Works, an exhibit at 709 Penn Gallery (presented as part of the Pittsburgh JazzLive International Festival), and this exhibit includes videos showing him paint live while also including

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