Anthropic Landscape – E

Anthropic Landscape
June 23–August 27, 2017

Parc Saint Léger

Centre d’art contemporain
Avenue Conti
F – 58320 Pougues-les-Eaux

Wednesday–Sunday 2–6pm

T +33 3 86 90 96 60


Alice Aycock, Julian charrière, Toril Johannessen, Zdenek Košek, Katie Paterson, Marie Velardi, Remy Zaugg

Writting workshop:
 workshop led by Pierre Bastide; free expression about artworks of the exhibition
Conversations: June 25, 4pm, with Jennifer Fréville, artist

Conversations: July 2, 3pm, at Parc Saint Léger  

Family workshop: July 23, 3pm, visit the exhibition and workshop 

Forum Biosphere: July 24–28, workshop leaded by Perrine Forest, Elise Legal, Mona Chancogne, Valentin Rolovic, Guillaume Seyller 

Conversations: August 6, 4pm, at Parc Saint Léger

Conversations: August 27, 4pm, with Wilfrid Séjeau, bookseller and environmentalist 


The artworks brought together for the exhibition Paysage Anthropique (Anthropic Landscape) makes plain the attention artists have been paying to contemporary environmental questions, although perhaps the featured pieces are more immediately concerned with taking stock of the impact human activity has

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