ART & ABOUT: Wavelines of fury and hope

ABSTRACT expressionism is one of those terms likely to turn off anyone who isn’t already immersed in the genre.

Abstraction by itself is a deterrent.

Add some expressionism to the equation and interest dips below the “x” axis.

Perhaps the only cure for this condition is to see an abstract expressionist at work.

While words are certainly not going to sort out the situation, some action might make the difference.

It just so happens that such a display was put on recently at the launch of Yusof Ghani’s latest exhibition.

“Ombak” is not just the biggest ever show by an artist who has reached the pinnacle of local painting.

It is also the title of the only exhibition to feature all his different series and more than that, it included a live demonstration by the master of the genre.

The demo wasn’t quite as dramatic as Jackson “Jack the

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