Art exhibition surpasses language and tradition

As a young aspiring artist in Japan, Keiko Hara was told she didn’t stand a chance in a world dominated by men.

Times certainly have changed.

This month, Hara is featured as part of the Bainbridge Arts Crafts’ special exhibition celebrating Japanese-American artists in honor of the Civil Liberties Act’s 25th anniversary.

“My need to develop as an artist took me from my home in Japan to the U.S.,” Hara said. “I had to separate myself from the traditional and the familiar surroundings of Japan in order for me to grow as an artist.”

Hara traveled to the U.S. 42 years ago in pursuit of her art.

In Japan in the 1960s, Hara faced a traditional society who believed in her work but would not accept her as a female artist.

In fact, one of her Japanese art professors told her she would never make it as an artist.

“This man was really supportive of me

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