Art exploring journeys , landscapes at Fountain City gallery

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. — Gary Flynn has brought his artwork into the light.

As the sun gleamed through the Red Horse Gallery windows in Fountain City on a recent weekday, it illuminated a foot-wide section of wood the local artist has spent more than 200 hours carving.

“This is the one I’m still working on,” he said softly, his hand resting on a knot in the wood he’d carved to look like a bear’s face. The wood has become a living landscape, with animals and human figures on nearly every corner.

It all started with the single knot.

“I saw a bear in it,” Gary said. “And a tree.”

Gary is one of two artists whose work is on display at the Red Horse Gallery this month. The other artist is painter Julie Johnston. Gary’s 18 wood carvings and Julie’s 39 oil and pastel paintings will be exhibited through July 28; the opening reception is

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