Art Review: At Amon Carter, Two Artists From Different Generations Approach a …

A 2010 McKinney Avenue Contemporary exhibition of Sedrick Huckaby’s painting suite called A Love Supreme was as close to a popular sensation as the local art scene has experienced in some time. Fans swooned over the four large, enveloping works that featured multicolored quilts rendered with thick globs of paint. The pieces were visceral and rich, and the way they seduced viewers drew comparisons to the Rothko Chapel in Houston. Then there was the size. In total, the four paintings measured 80 feet in length. No one locally is painting canvases as large as the Fort Worth based Huckaby. Sometimes in painting, scale is equated to importance.

Huckaby’s most ambitious work to date is a painting called Hidden in Plain Site (2011), which is currently on view at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. It is also the fi rst showing of a Huckaby painting in a major local museum,

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