Art review: UMMA’s ‘Flip Your Field’ challenges photographer beyond comfort zone

One of art photography’s mysterious qualities is its infinite malleability. And it’s this subtle malleability that underlies Larry Cressman’s “Flip Your Field” photographic display at the University of Michigan Museum of Art.
There is, after all, a seemingly non-negotiable reliance on the “real” world upon which the technology of photography thrives. And irrespective of the photographer’s intent — from the most abstract imagery to the most prosaic visage — photography reflects this durable objectivity like no other artform can.

It’s therefore all the more interesting that Cressman, U-M Residential College art professor, has adopted his particular stance in this second U-M Museum of Art “Flip Your Field” project.

For this exhibit — also the second display mounted in the museum’s new Photography Gallery in the second floor Maxine and Stuart Frankel Family Wing — is as much a meditation on his equally durable artfulness as it is a carefully culled sample of

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