Artist Adam Licsko’s Vivid Landscapes, Archie McLaren’s Central Coast Wine …

I’ve lived or worked in great metropolises like London, Mumbai, Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. I’m a big city lad born and bred. But when I first took a drive in a convertible Mustang up through California’s Central Coast, my eyes opened wide to sights previously unseen. Under soaring skies were great expanses of fields — some empty except for a solitary tree, others lushly rowed in grape vines — surrounded by layers of rolling hills with puffs of clouds billowing from behind them. Most of all, even as the muscle car in my hands rumbled, there was an overall sense of pervasive calm and an immediate connection to Nature. As internationally known art and wine expert and local bon vivant Archie McLaren puts it, “Unlike L.A. to the south and San Francisco to the north, there’s generally no freneticism here.”


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