Artist finds beauty in NH’s rural and industrial landscapes

New Hampshire artist and teacher Stephen Previte paints landscapes. For years, he embraced traditional imagery — bucolic vistas replete with weathered barns and aging farmhouses. Increasingly, however, Previte is turning his gaze to the city, exploring subject matter he describes as urban industrialism. His most recent works — filled with electrical transformers, smokestacks, and utility poles — capture the stark beauty found in any cityscape, if only one takes the time to look. “I’ve never been one to paint a pretty picture,” Previte says, “and I always tell my students, ‘If I paint cute, I’ve failed.’”

Previte’s cleareyed approach to his subject matter is not surprising considering his background. He happily spent much of his career as an engineer in mechanical design technology. Then one day, Previte received a call from his mother urging him to tune in to a PBS program featuring television artist Bill Alexander. “It

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