Artist Profile: Flory starts with concept, then ‘I have at it’ – Winston

Chris Flory describes her painting as latter-day Abstract Expressionism consisting of densely layered brushstrokes, applied without a specific image in mind.

“A few shapes, largely circles and squares, sneak in,” she said, “but for the most part the brushstrokes are unstructured, simply marks. There is no recognizable subject matter, no things. A major difference from the original Abstract Expressionists is scale — my work is very small…. I start with a concept, usually deciding on the title before beginning the painting. I also have some idea of color or composition. But I don’t have a specific idea of what the finished painting will look like. I work intuitively, meaning I have at it.”

An exhibit of her acrylic abstract paintings on panels will be at Artworks Gallery through July 27th.

“The show is called

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