Artist Spotlight: Igor Sychev

Above: The artist at work

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a less than ideal place for a young gay artist to work. Yet 27-year-old Igor Sychev creates and thrives. He is out to his family, and he has been with his partner, Misha, for four years. Igor agreed to answer a few questions by email about his art and what his curent experience in Russia is like. (We edited some of Igor’s responses for clarity, but we tried to not change the tone of his replies.)

The Advocate: Can you tell us about the first male nude artwork you were exposed to?
Igor Sychev: The first male nude artwork I saw was postcards with photos of antique Greek sculptures, and a big book with reproductions of Dalí paintings, which parents gave me when I started my education in art school. It was when I was 5 years old, in a small town near

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