Artists blend their styles in show at 8 Fine Art Gallery

The two artists are featured in a new exhibit called “Reflections/Between,” on view until Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 8 Fine Art Gallery, tucked into Southport’s Live Oak Village Plaza at 4961 Long Beach Road.

Hosier concentrates on abstract work, while Fitzgerald’s pieces are a mix of realism with a sense of non- reality to them, said gallery owner Don Baker. Taken together, Hosier’s work – which has similar color schemes – adds bursts of emotion to Fitzgerald’s paintings, suggesting hidden feelings behind what at first seem like ordinary objects and views.

Whether a lake, a boat launch or a decoy duck, Fitzgerald’s use of detail and vibrant colors adds a sense of humor to the paintings, Baker said.

“He’s painting real objects but he chooses to make them a little cartoonish to make a statement about the joy of looking at the world in simplistic detail,” Baker said.

Fitzgerald’s “hidden meaning in plain sight”

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