Artist’s intense landscape collages speak of grim environmental impacts

As one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions, Chinese landscape painting has evolved over the centuries, yet, its major emphasis on depicting natural landscape still remains central. But due to rapid urbanization and development, the ecological character of some places in China have changed beyond recognition, and a growing number of artists are reflecting these environmental impacts in their art.

Trained alongside some of the country’s master landscape painters, Shanghai’s Yang Yongliang has created large-scale collage-like works that depict something close to a traditional Chinese landscape. As the Metropolitan Museum for Modern Art explains:

Viewing Chinese landscape paintings, it is clear that Chinese depictions of nature are seldom mere representations of the external world. Rather, they are expressions of the mind and heart of the individual artists—cultivated landscapes that embody the culture and cultivation of their masters.

Yang Yongliang© Yang Yongliang

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