Artists on Art Tours at Olana – Maia Cruz Palileo, Jackie Goss & Jenny Perlin

HUDSON – The Olana Partnership Artists on Art tour series continues with artist Maia Cruz Palileo on Friday, September 1 and team media artists Jacqueline Goss Jenny Perlin on Friday, September 15. These specialty tours of the main house at Olana are part performance, part interpretation, and part radical departure from a traditional historic house tour. Artists offer a unique lens with which to “read” Olana and local working artists are given the freedom to experiment and invent with “poetic license” as they explore Frederic Church, Olana and this season’s exhibition. The Artists on Art tours end with wine and cheese on the piazza nearing twilight. If you are looking for inspiration, awe, and wonder, join us!

The artist schedule, which goes on all season, is dynamic, complicated and stems from the idea that artistic storytelling is a compelling part of Olana’s on-going narrative. This one hour tour/performance is

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