artnet Asks: Martín La Rosa and the Tradition of Still Life

For Argentine artist Martín La Rosa, the practice of still-life painting is as fresh and relevant as ever. Working in a highly traditional approach, La Rosa deftly layers oil paint to achieve a high degree of painterly realism in simple compositions that feature arrangements of bowls, fruits, and, in his most recent exhibition, flowers. In “Flores Encontradas,” now on view at Praxis in New York, La Rosa presents quiet works that seek to evoke complexity, fragility, and the passage of time.

You can catch “Flores Encontradas” in person before the show comes down on December 31, 2016.

Tell us about your current solo show, “Flores Encontradas,” at Praxis gallery.
It’s hard to talk about it because it’s too recent—with time, one discovers what it is that one intended to do. However, as with all my still lifes, it does have to do

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