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By the time Georges Braque’s first retrospective opened, at the Kunsthalle Basel in 1933, the most important period in the artist’s career had already run its course. From 1909 to 1912, Braque and Pablo Picasso had worked feverishly to rethink painting through the lens of Cubism, an invention that Picasso gave to the world in 1907 with “Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon.” As David Cottington recounts in his 1998 history of Cubism, Braque was one of the first painters to receive Picasso’s revolutionary message and incorporate it into his own work. For four years, the artists spoke on a nearly daily basis. Braque described their working collaboration as “two climbers roped together on a mountain.” Picasso referred to Braque as “my wife.”

They divorced, so to speak, in August 1914, as war broke out on the continent, and, according to Picasso, never saw one another again. Picasso didn’t return to the discoveries of

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