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It all started with a drawing of a fish, back when Sachind John was three. At age nine, he was reprimanded by his art teacher for drawing a cockerel that looked a bit too real, making her assume he had traced it. Now, finally putting his talent to task, Sachind is showcasing his work in his first exhibition, Colourful Thoughts.

An unassuming man with striking eyes, he says his deep-rooted love for design and art, started young.

However, he says: “I started late in life, as far as fine art paintings are concerned. I had tinkered around with water colours and other techniques in my early years, but I dived into serious art only when I had nothing else on the job front.”

Not having had any formal training, he claims to work on perfecting his skill on his own terms. “Whenever I do something, I read up

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