At Able Baker, maps and landscapes head in the right direction together

A pair of shows at Able Baker Contemporary, “Mapping Extremes” and “Inside and Outside Landscapes,” create a powerful conversation about place, perception and knowledge using two things that might seem to point in opposite directions: maps and landscapes.

“Mapping Extremes” brings together landscape and documentary photography by Shoshannah White and Sage Lewis, with data maps by Christian MilNeil (an online content producer and data journalist at the Maine Sunday Telegram). Having seen a stunning body of White’s work from a three-week arctic on-ship residency on view at Corey Daniels Gallery, I was looking forward to this show. Corey Daniels is a gallery dedicated to formalism and sophisticated design, and there White’s photographs and encaustic works ride their visual intelligence. We feel the coolness of the melting ice forms – not the heat behind the concern.


WHAT: “Mapping Extremes” and “Outside Inside Landscape”

WHERE: Able Baker Contemporary, 29 Forest Ave., Portland


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