At Every Turn, Another Strange World

During the extended weekend that began last Friday, artists and performers and anyone with a Gold Rush beard or a Sailor Jerry tattoo seemed to take part in the seventh annual Bushwick Open Studios, when the creative hordes of Brooklyn threw open the doors or gates to their studios, apartments, basements, rooftops, parking lots and garages or otherwise repurposed industrial dumps and invited the world to visit.

So sprawling was an event spread across Bushwick itself and into neighboring East Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Ridgewood, Queens, that a systematic survey seemed out of the question. Yes, there were maps, neatly sectioning the former industrial zone into manageable sectors. True, there were hubs of activity, like the neighborhood’s premier exhibition and workshop space, 3rd Ward.

But the best way to experience Bushwick Open Studios may have been to

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