Ayo Filade Meet the Nigerian artist who dazzles us with his incredibly realistic 3D drawings.

26-year-old, Ayo Filade, is an incredibly talented artist who keeps dazzling us with his hyper-realistic 3D drawings.

Filade refers to his style as a mixture of the art movements and he uses only pencil to create  this hyper-realistic drawings that look almost too real and alive than not.

In an exclusive interview with the Pulse team, Filade tells the team that his major challenge is thinking of how much I have to draw as an artist.

Let’s meet Ayo Filade.


A portrait of Filade carrying a baby on his back (Instagram)


How did you start as an artist?

I remember I started holding on to a pencil and drawing right from a tender age. My father was an artist and

Article source: http://pulse.ng/arts_culture/ayo-filade-meet-the-nigerian-artist-who-dazzles-us-with-his-incredibly-realistic-3d-drawings-id6543322.html

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