Banning of art exposes our partial blindness

DURING the London riots of 2011, the Financial Times published a cartoon inspired by a statement made by David Cameron. British Prime Minister arguing that Britain was “broken”.

The Financial Times cartoon depicted three people jumping through a hole in the British flag. Each of these people carried a boxful of loot.

The banker’s box was full of bonuses, a parliamentarian had allowances in his, and the young man had filled his with goods stolen from shops during the looting spree.

But, guess what? It became very clear in debates about why the UK was broken that some people somehow could not see the banker, while others saw only the young looter and a few others focused their attention on the parliamentarian.

This reminded me of how, in our own country, we tend to suffer from partial blindness depending on the issue being debated and the prejudices, bias and other things which cause numbness

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