Battling bureaucracy to build a life in ‘Still Mine’

Old folks and their problems have not been a high priority when it comes to Hollywood movies — “RED 2” and its over-the-hill secret agents notwithstanding. But independent and foreign filmmakers have taken an interest, with at least three films on the subject coming out in the past year: Michael Haneke’s “Amour,” Paul Andrew Williams’s “Unfinished Song,” and now this tough-minded tearjerker, based on a true story, from Michael McGowan, “Still Mine.”

The three have a lot in common — for example, is it just coincidental that in each film it’s the woman who is afflicted and the husband the beleaguered caregiver? But they also differ significantly, especially in context. “Amour” is limited to the intimate relationship between a husband and wife; “Unfinished Song” expands into the community; and “Still Mine” takes on pretty much the whole Canadian government. Though admirable in ambition, McGowan’s decision to broaden his simple story’s

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