Bernie Taupin: ‘I would say that songwriting is my hobby’

Without Bernie Taupin, there could be no Elton John — or at least that’s what Elton John says. For 40 years, Taupin has been the words behind the melody man, the guy who you are actually quoting when you tell that tiny dancer to hold you closer. But Taupin is not just a man of lyrical talents; lately, he has also turned his eye towards the canvas, displaying his abstract expressionist works in galleries across North America, most recently at Toronto’s Liss Gallery. The National Post’s David Berry caught up with Taupin over the phone from New York, where he was being recognized for his first career choice, and they discussed the myths about him and Elton, being inspired by the country and the city and the stigma of having two artistic pursuits.

I understand you’re in New York to accept the Johnny Mercer [lifetime achievement] Award from the Songwriting

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