Bradley Manning cleared of ‘aiding enemy’ but still faces life in prison

She cleared Manning of aiding the enemy but convicted him of violating the
Espionage Act by knowingly publishing information on the internet where it
could be accessed by al-Qaeda.

He was convicted or pleaded guilty to 19 other charges that could result in
decades in prison. The court will begin sentencing tomorrow and it could be
weeks before Manning learns his final sentence.

“It’s a relief that Bradley Manning wasn’t convicted of aiding the enemy
for his sake and for our country’s because it doesn’t a dangerous precedent,”
said Nathan Fuller, a spokesman for the Bradley Manning support network.

“But it’s outrageous that he was convicted of any espionage counts and he
faces potential decades in prison.”

Over eight weeks of testimony, prosecutors claimed Manning used his position
as a junior intelligence analyst in Iraq to harvest 700,000

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