CBS boss Les Moonves says there’s still life in network TV (WITH VIDEO)

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Network television is not dying. It’s evolving, Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS Inc. and one of the most influential executives in broadcasting told reporters Monday in a surprise appearance at the summer meeting of the Television Critics Association.

Moonves, answering a question posted by Postmedia News, said the same number of viewers watch a hit TV program today as did 20 years ago.

Twenty years ago, the most watched program in any given week was seen by more than 20 million viewers across the U.S. and Canada. Today, judging from the weekly ratings alone, that number is closer to 12 million viewers.

The remaining eight million viewers are still there, Moonves insisted. They are simply watching their favourite programs in different ways, through online streaming, PVR recording or downloading from services like Amazon.

The business model is changing, but content is king, Moonves said.

That’s why prominent media corporations like CBS

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