Champions Trophy 2013: Chris Gayle is still the life and soul of West Indies party

But it is Gayle’s languor that sets him apart from the army of beefy clubbers
and village-green sloggers populating the game’s shorter formats. There is
an effortlessness to his hitting that is only partly attributable to those
long hours pumping iron in the gym. Is it inner poise? Bravado?

“It is instinct,” he insists. “We premeditate at times, but most of those
things are instinct. When a fast bowler runs in to me, my breathing is
controlled. So you keep a still head, slow down your breathing.

“Sometimes I actually hold my breath, so I can be as still and well-balanced
as possible. If you get too excited, you overreact more, and with the
adrenalin, you lose focus quickly.” So he actually is as calm as he looks?
“Yeah. I am.”

In many ways Gayle is an

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