Charlotte Church is not monkeying around with new music publishing venture

Charlotte Church admits she’s at  a career high point. While she may  not be selling millions of records,  creatively her solo career has  propelled her to hitherto uncharted heights.

A new EP, called THREE, is to be released  on August 19, and it’s another slice of  musically intuitive expressionism from the singer  whose experimental zeal seemingly knows no  bounds.

However, for someone who has experienced  the greatest of rewards that the music industry  has to offer, now she’s aiming to use her wealth  of experience to promote new Welsh music with  the launch of music publishing company See  Monkey Songs.

Formed in partnership with her manager  Rhiannon Morgan-Bell and Aimee Jade Hayes –  boss of Welsh record label See Monkey Do  Monkey, the trio are aiming to offer a springboard  for local artists both at home and abroad.

“It has been a mutual goal of ours to set up  some sort of infrastructure for

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