Chi Ming and J S Tan Exhibition Featured At London’s Fine Art Society

The Fine Art Society Contemporary is presenting the work of two bright young stars of the Beijing art world, Chi Ming and J S Tan. Following on from their joint exhibition with Atkins Ai Gallery, Beijing, last year, Testing Freedom’s Temperature will mark the London debut for both artists.

Visually the artists differ, but explore the same pervading themes of their young post-Mao generation and raise questions about the implications of China’s economic and cultural change. For two decades Chinese youth have lived, unlike their elders, without the ‘religion of Mao’. Theirs is a new culture with bigger boundaries and rampant materialism.

Shandong-born artist Chi Ming presents a unique snapshot of his generation, blending everyday realism with a mildly surreal approach to figurative painting. His grandfather and his father both
painted in the service of Mao Zedong. Following their creative footsteps, Chi Ming moved to Beijing in 2001 to study at

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