Collecting Gauguin

In time, and with further exhibition exposure, Gauguin came to acquire a
certain recognition, even respect, in the UK. Yet, because of the canny
control his dealer Ambroise
kept on the release of paintings onto the market, prices
remained too high for most collectors.

That is, until textiles magnate Samuel Courtauld set to work in the Twenties.
This exhibition comprises the 16 Gauguins he purchased that decade, among
them the sun-dappled Martinique
: product of an earlier search for Eden,
in the Caribbean. The flickering network of short, thin brushstrokes reveals
Gauguin’s Impressionistic roots.

By the time of 1889’s Les Meules – a vision of annual
hay-stacking in rural Brittany – we see the artist well en route to his
trademark style: one of

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