‘Colourful conundrums’ at Banbridge art exhibition

VISUAL ARTS REVIEW: David Crone, Mark McGreevy and Dougal McKenzie @ FE McWilliam Gallery, Banbridge

California artist Jay Meuser summed up abstract expressionism when he wrote: “It is far better to capture the glorious spirit of the sea than to paint any of its tiny ripples.” Broadly speaking, abstract expressionists use paint in a nonfigurative way to capture inner or imaginative vision.

David Crone, Mark McGreevy and Dougal McKenzie may all loosely be characterised as abstract expressionists, although each of them still occasionally flirts with more traditional representation. These energetic works – like gaudy hallucinations or blurred deamscapes – use vivid colours in a manner that calls to mind Picasso and Kandinsky.

All three artists on display here are connected to Northern Ireland: Crone was born in Belfast and lectured in art at the University of Ulster until 2001; McGreevy hails from Co Down and was a

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