Contemporary artist not giving up ‘independence’

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Holding a red, big appointment diploma, Fang Lijun poses with his signature childlike smile upon journalists’ requests, an image which looks quite similar to the recurring subject- a shaven-headed ruffian- in his many paintings.

The pioneer of contemporary Chinese artist came under the spotlight on Wednesday to declaim his new capacity as director of a contemporary art research center under the China National Academy of Chinese Painting.

The news, which first spread online on Tuesday, have aroused more doubts than applause, as Fang once said he wanted to live as spontaneously and freely as a dingo and an artist should be like “a wild animal”. Observers speculate if Fang, a representative of Cynical Realism art movement, was giving away some of his independence as an artist for a secured position in the official system, as he reaches the age of

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