Cute maxi dresses to amp up your summer look

The scorching-hot, 120-degree heat of Indio, California, calls for a different kind of wardrobe palate that goes beyond the usual summer style suspects. The sheer nature of an art fest invites expressionism of all shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics while exposing the barest of skin to withstand the desert sun’s rays.

Designer and style expert Jamie Lawson breaks it down to “TBS — temperature, baggage and shoes,” advising fans to “stick to breathable fabrics, choose lightweight crossbody bags, and wear comfortable shoes that keep your feet blister free.”

Calvin Klein maxi dress

Simple black and white

True, many maxi dresses available during the summer come in bold, bright shades. But if you’re a fan of more neutral tones and simple patterns, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. In fact, black-and-white is an excellent trend to rock this season. This chevron-stripe Calvin Klein maxi dress (,

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