Dead man walking: Zimmerman STILL in hiding over fears for his life after …

  • George Zimmerman has received countless death threats after he was revealed as the killer of Trayvon Martin
  • Zimmerman 28, now walks free but will always ‘be looking over his shoulder’ as a result of angry extremists who don’t accept jury verdict
  • Zimmerman will remain in hiding

Michael Zennie

23:01 EST, 13 July 2013


13:39 EST, 14 July 2013

After a year and a half of living as a
hermit, George Zimmerman emerged from a Florida courthouse a free man,
cleared of all charges in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

However, life will not change for Zimmerman, 29, who was forced immediately back into hiding because ‘several fringe groups’ refuse to accept the jury’s verdict that Zimmerman acted within the law when killed Martin.

‘He’s going to be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life,’ said his brother Robert Zimmerman Jr. during an interview on CNN.

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