Did Empire magazine just reveal one of the big spoilers of ‘Batman v Superman’?

As one of the foremost high-visibility fans of Zack Snyder‘s Man Of Steel, I have listened to several years now of people telling me why I’m wrong, and why Superman would never do the things he did in that film.

I suspect we’re going to hear that same conversation turned up to a deafening roar once Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice arrives in theaters. In the newest issue of Empire magazine, producer Chuck Roven described Batman in this film as an older angrier version of the character, someone who has decided to play “judge, jury, and executioner,” setting off a flurry of thinkpieces about how they’ve ruined the character.

While I adore Man Of Steel, I understand why some people don’t care for that version of the character, or for the choices made in the film, especially towards the ending. I disagree, but

Article source: http://www.hitfix.com/motion-captured/did-empire-magazine-just-reveal-one-of-the-big-spoilers-of-batman-v-superman

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