Does the release of Detective Pikachu mean there’s still life in the 3DS?

. . . and a giant Detective Pikachu amiibo that, when paired with the game, offer hints and clues to the mystery as it unfolds.

That’s quite a lot of fanfare for a two-year old game, although the Pikachu name does pack a lot of clout, especially when said Pikachu has the voice of a man who’s been smoking a pack a day for a decade or two. But what does this mean for the 3DS?

Nintendo is continuing to support the 3DS, even following the launch and success of the Nintendo Switch, although the company’s clamshell handheld is certainly seeing a much slower release cycle these days.

A new special edition 2DS is exciting for collectors, but it seems to be more of a last hurrah than a surge of life for the 3DS console line. There are

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