Dog Goes Missing in Subzero Temperatures, Gets Hit by a Car and Still Lives …

Dempsey, Maine DogCBS

This is like a real-life Homeward Bound story, except if Homeward Bound were only about one dog and he didn’t know how to talk and was a lot closer to death and never actually found his way home and there was no bitchy cat serving up delicious doses of sass voiced by Sally Field.

OK, so it’s not Homeward Bound at all. But it is about a dog that miraculously returned home.

Jamie Cyrway, a Maryland single mother of three, was visiting her parents in Maine when her family’s dog, a one-year-old named Dempsey—for unknown reasons—jumped a six-foot fence in the backyard.

The family searched for days for Dempsey, but with no luck. Jamie’s mom, Janet Boothby told CBS Batlimore, “We went out on snow shoes. We went out at night. We took my dog on trails. Jamie and

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