Don’t hang up, there’s still life in the telephone for hotel bookings

Direct booking doesn’t just mean via your website, the telephone also continues to provide value, here’s a little case study to demonstrate.

The top line is that California-based Ayres Hotels has been enrolled with TripAdvisor Business Listings for two years and seen significant gains.

But, looking beyond all the return-on-investment stuff (interesting though it is), what’s more noteworthy is some research carried out by Forrester in May on the economic impact of Business Listings for the 20-strong boutique hotel group.

Forrester looked at a range of data including the number of bookings made through a specific phone number to reveal that calls generated nearly twice the number of bookings compared to website click-throughs.

In financial terms, that’s $686,700 of phone business versus the $335,174 coming via clicks to the website per year.

Interesting to note that the group has

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