Down to the Last Stroke

Madhevi 759 “Someone suggested that I should paint The Last Supper. I had seen Leonardo da Vinci’s work in Milan, and was fascinated” said Madhvi Parekh.

As an infant, she recalls accompanying her father to the village square in Sanjay, Gujarat, to hear tales of the Christ being narrated by Christian missionaries. That was Madhvi Parekh’s first introduction to him. She always imagined him to be “kind” and “peace loving” but never really thought of painting him on her canvas, which, for several decades, was occupied by Durga and Kali.

But this was until she visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, some years later. Disturbed after she witnessed the Nazi torture in films and a sound and light show at the museum, when she stepped out, right outside was a church with a portrait of Christ on the facade. “It drew me. It

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