E3 2013: Hands on with Contrast’s masterful mix of shadows, France, Jazz, and …


“Elegant Simplicity.”

Those are the words I’d probably use to describe the unique gameplay mechanic of Compulsion Games’ latest creation, Contrast. The game is the reason that the studio exists, in fact, as the development team’s Sam Abbott informed us during a closed-door session that the team assembled around creating this specific adventure. The game, whose premise revolves around the ability to switch between a 3D world and 2D platforming adventure, was inspired by Valve’s Portal. “It was a game about a different way to move through space,” Abbott told us, “and we felt that we wanted to examine creatively moving around in a world, seamlessly and with a lot of freedom and fun.”

The “creative” aspect involves the interplay between light and shadow. Lead character Dawn, the imaginary friend of 9-yr old Didi, traverses the world examining and exploring where she can,

Article source: http://www.sidequesting.com/2013/06/e3-2013-hands-on-with-contrasts-masterful-mix-of-shadows-france-jazz-and-pans-labyrinth/

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