Edinburgh Film Review: ‘Uwantme2killhim?’

Dramatizing a startling incident of teen-on-teen violence that made U.K. legal history in 2003, and the complex circumstances that caused it, “Uwantme2killhim?” is nonetheless likeliest to shock young audiences as a window into the quaint world of pre-Facebook social networking. Andrew Douglas’ first feature since 2005′s hit remake of “The Amityville Horror” unsurprisingly puts a heightened genre gloss on edgy real-life material, with salaciously watchable but finally hokey results. Producer credits for Bryan Singer and the Weinsteins up the likelihood of exposure for this TV-ish Britpic in the U.S., where viewers will be less likely to question its authenticity.

The convoluted

Article source: http://variety.com/2013/film/reviews/edinburgh-film-review-uwantme2killhim-1200562358/

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