Eiko Ojala’s "paper" landscapes are cool and paper-free

After being wowed by Yulia Brodskaya’s quilled paper portraits, I was curious to learn more about other artists working with simple paper and found the work of Eiko Ojala‘s landscapes on Behance. Ojala’s Vertical Landscape shows a mountain scene featuring birds, bears and deer in a winding river valley leading to a quaint cabin. I couldn’t comprehend how he managed to get so much detail and perfect depth with paper, until I found this post on This is Colossal that explains that Ojala isn’t using paper at all! Instead, he does all of his illustrations digitally by hand. His technique is so good I was convinced this was paper artwork. He draws the shadows, too, but sometimes incorporates real shadows which he has photographed.

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Article source: http://www.treehugger.com/culture/eiko-ojala-paper-craft-art.html

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