Exhibit by realist painter Sandra Desrosiers at Lancaster County Art Association

Hanover artist Sandra Desrosiers, whose work is currently on display at Lancaster County Art Association, applies more than just pigment to her canvases. She layers on life.

“My oldest son passed away in 1995,’’ she says. “I’ve been in this deep, dark pit for 20 years or longer. Every time I paint, some of the pain comes out and goes into the canvas. It’s very healing, very therapeutic and puts your mind in a different place.’’

But that healing didn’t happen overnight.


Article source: https://lancasteronline.com/features/entertainment/exhibit-by-realist-painter-sandra-desrosiers-at-lancaster-county-art/article_a893a35e-5866-11e8-9bf1-1741ef394a43.html

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